Kotecha's Biomolecular NMR and MRI Laboratory at UIC

The main direction of our lab is the development of novel NMR spectroscopy and imaging techniques for non-invasive monitoring and assessment of engineered and regenerative tissues. Our research spans from basic physics of NMR interactions to new technology development for use in clinics.

The Kotecha research laboratory is located in the west campus of bioengineering department in UIC. We are located right above the small animal 9.4 T MRI and 11.7 T NMR/MRI labs.


  • New Proposed ASTM standard Test Method for Tissue Engineering Medical Products - Preclinical Assessment of Engineered Cartilage Tissue Growth Using MRI. The proposed standard describes how to assess tissue growth in engineered cartilage using MRI. (ASTM News)
  • Mini-Symposia in IEEE-EMBC'14, Chicago Meeting